brooklynfeedingacademy_eating_disorder_messykid When I first conceived of a private practice, I wanted to harness the 20 years experience Iíve had as a speech pathologist specializing in feeding and swallowing disorders. The idea of a community resource focusing on family centered feeding therapy really appealed to me as a logical next step in my career as a speech pathologist. The Academy will not only focus on direct treatment of children and families but also serve a wider purpose of working with newly trained speech pathologists and related professions in better understanding feeding and swallowing disorders through consultative education and teamwork. Currently, I am a member of New Yorkís Interagency Councilís training collaborative as a provider of grant funded education in communicative disorders. This grant enables the collaborative to inform parents, therapists and Early Intervention service coordinators about practice guidelines utilized by a variety of related professions. I am also busy in providing a variety of professionally focused conferences on topics related to feeding and swallowing. The initiative Iím most excited about however is establishing parent-based educational opportunities in an effort to expand the knowledge of feeding and mealtime as children develop. Be sure to check out upcoming lectures designed especially for parents concerned or just curious about feeding development.