brooklynfeedingacademy_eating_disorder_male_lactation Another aspect of the Academy’s mission is to establish a family-based lactation counseling program. As a male I’m no doubt in the vast minority as a certified lactation counselor. The fact that The Office’s Pam had a male lactation counselor has been an endless source of jokes. The idea is to work with the whole family in supporting the nourishment of the newborn by whatever means the family deems best. My work as a feeding specialist and Dad with a certification in lactation counseling has given me a unique perspective on breastfeeding. I’ve been in the trenches at 2am as the husband of an over-tired, anxious, first-time mother trying to navigate breast feeding. I’m also acutely aware of all the attendant baggage based on the success or failure of breast feeding a newborn.

The idea is to educate the family on the “hows” and why’s of breastfeeding; The goal being facilitating early success and most importantly how to support the mother no matter what decision is made. The philosophy of the practice is supporting mother’s health and well being as a means to assure a happy nurtured and well nourished baby. Knowledge is power, my lactation counseling certification program emphasized an evidence-based curriculum, assuring that the information was well researched, fact based and free of philosophical bias. The work we pursue will take all of your family and personal dynamics into account in determining how to nourish your baby. My work as a speech pathologist provides me with a “big-picture” perspective of infant feeding development and how to approach your family’s unique situation. There are a number of solutions to nourishing your baby and with knowledge, the decisions your family makes can be made with the confidence of knowing all your options.

To that end the Academy is busy designing a course just for expectant Dads. The course will emphasize the development of “appropriate” advocacy in the nourishment of infants. The idea being a 3:00 am call to the lactation specialist isn’t exactly practical but almost always wished for. The Academy will “arm” Dads with practical knowledge that will help support the breast feeding mother in her hour of need. I understand (as best a male can) that obtaining a “perfect latch” on an hour’s sleep may create great frustration. Wouldn’t it be great if Dad could do more than reassuringly pat you on the shoulder and drift off to sleep?

Keep an eye on the site for the introduction of lactation courses for Dads.