brooklynfeedingacademy_eating_disorder_adam_kolesar My name is Adam Kolesar. I’m a speech/language pathologist specializing in pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. A 1990 graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology, I’m celebrating my 20th year as a clinician. My career has focused solely on pediatric practice. Upon completing my masters, I participated in a post-graduate program in the interdisciplinary treatment of childhood developmental disorders at Georgetown University. The rigors of this program served as an excellent training ground in terms of understanding the relationship of the many professions involved in the care of children with developmental disabilities. I learned early on that the challenges faced by our kids rarely occur in isolation. With the “whole child” principle in mind, I returned to South Carolina and accepted a position at the Greenville Center for Developmental Pediatrics. This setting again emphasized the importance of team work in the evaluation and treatment of children with developmental issues.

The children we worked with ranged in age from toddlers through high school with a variety of challenges. From South Carolina I returned to my native New York and worked at Brooklyn Hospital Center where I had the opportunity to work as a Speech Pathologist in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. This work with newborns was particularly gratifying in that we were able to intervene shortly after the babies were born. The children we saw in the NICU presented with difficulties in taking formula or breast milk by mouth. As clinicians, we worked with the nursery staff to assess the infants, and determine strategies to compensate for their difficulty in feeding by mouth. After a year of working in the NICU, I saw a job posting for a Children’s Hospital in Queens where I would set up shop for the next seventeen years.

brooklynfeedingacademy_eating_disorder_kid_eating My time at the hospital has afforded me great opportunity to work with an extensive array of childhood disorders. While at the hospital, my first challenge was to become an NDT Trained speech pathologist. “NDT “stands for Neuro Developmental Treatment and involves a dynamic treatment modality that utilizes the child’s whole body to address specific neruo-muscular challenges. This treatment philosophy once again embraces the concept of “whole” child. The nature of medically-based speech pathology necessitates an expertise in feeding and swallowing as roughly 70% of the children on caseload have issues with feeding by mouth. My work at the hospital involved the diagnosis and treatment of swallowing disorders (dysphagia). I have done a great many video fluoroscopy studies and established a flexible endoscopy program for the “in-house” diagnosis of difficulties in swallowing. Last year I obtained specialty recognition in swallowing and swallowing disorders (BRS-S) from the American Speech Language & Hearing Association (ASHA). As a speech/language pathologist and father of a toddler, the final frontier of feeding was to obtain my certification as a Lactation Counselor (CLC). While I may be in the vast minority of male CLC’s, understanding how human feeding works without the benefit of 21st century technology has been an invaluable asset to my practice.

In hanging my shingle and establishing the Brooklyn Feeding Academy it is my hope that we can work together as a team to get your child’s eating back on track.